The Jury 2020 Edition

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International jury mooic. The first and unique International competition in italy completely dedicated to tables olives.

our international team of judges* for the next
2021 edition

The Jury mooic 2020 will be one of the best possible juries ever specialized for tables olive tasting.

sonda laroussi
IOC panel leader

Sonda is a IOC Panel Leader in Tunisia. She is a Managing Partner at Olea Conseils/ Panel leader Olea Conseils/ Panel leader at SGS. Sonda id probably the only one in the world who actually is driving two official IOC Panels.

jury_ roberto de andreis _Masters of Olives International Contest

Roberto de andreis
ioc panel leader

Roberto is the IOC Panel Leader for table olives. Expert in sensory analysis. Member of the Table Olives Group of the International Olive Oil Council – Madrid. Director of the LABCAM tasting panel – of the Chamber of Commerce of Imperia – Savona – La Spezia.  In recent years he has also been involved as President of the Committee Promoter Oliva Taggiasca DOP. For a long time he has been the official trainer for the international courses on olive tasting organized by the IOC. He has written one of the few books on table olives in Italy.


barabara lanza
ioc panel leader researcher at crea

Barbara is a passionate researcher working at the CREA research centre on oil and table olives of the Ministry of Agriculture (MIPAAF). She is IOC Panel leader for table olives and COI Expert in sensory analysis and standards. Barbara leads the tasting panel of CREA in Pescara. She is a teacher and trainer recognized by the IOC for table olive tasting courses in Italy and abroad.


aldo mazzini
quality consultant

Aldo is a International Professional taster in the ONAOO list and he also is a certified Panel Leader. He is a an entrepreneur and a quality consultant for national and international companies. He is also dedicated to spread olive oil culture as a lecturer and trainer in many national and international training courses. Aldo is the ideator and the organizer of the Masters of Olive oil International Contest and the newest Masters of Olives International Contest.



Anna is a Top Manager in the most important olive oil Group in the world the Deoleo Group. She is not only a chemist but she also is a super expert professional taster both ifor olive oil and table olives.


stefano roggerone
panel leader

Stefano is an official Olive Oil Panel Leader in Italy for the CIA Organization in Imperia. He his long experienced tasters and trainer for olive oil and he also is a professional olives taster with long term experience.


paola consolini
professional taster
quality consultant

Paola is a real olive oil pasionate and she is  a trained professional taster both for olive oil and eating olives. She is a quality consultant for organizations and private companies in Italy; she also organize many training courses. Paola is also the Vice President in the KNOIL Association strongly active in spreading olive oil and table olives culture in Italy and worldwide.



Alessandro comes from an “Olive Oil Family”. He is an International Olive Oil Taster in the ONAOO Association and he also is a well trained taster for table olives.


isabella vacca
Professional taster

Isabella is long experienced profesional taster for  Olive Oil and a table Olives. She is in the Official Chamber of Commerce Panel for Ligurian DOP  evaluation.

* The composition of the Jury MOOIC might have some variations in function of the Judges availability.


the jury mooic will have extra professionalities

At Mooic 2021, we are looking for the best table olives, the best producers and the best brands. We have put together an International Jury to do the most professional evaluation ever done in Italy on the olive market, and you can't miss the opportunity to send your best samples to this new and unique international event on olives in Italy.

OUR Jury at mooic 2021 will be an International team

We will have an international team at the highest level. The judges for the table olives that will compose the Jury in the Sanremo Masters of OLives International Contest are Panel Leaders, Managers or Consultants who are experts in quality. We will also have an Italian IOC Top Panel Leader and some of the best experts in the world. All are specifically qualified table olive tasters.

the jury mooic is group of top ranked experts

Our Team of International Judges come from some of the most important table olive producing countries. We chose them because we want to have the best experts, specialized, impartial and qualified. Our International Jury at the MOOIC is Your best warranty to receive the right evaluation Your hard work deserves.


The Jury at the MOOIC 2021 will be one of the best possible juries ever. We’ll have three IOC Panel Leaders. We will also have several other Panel Leaders and any case only specialists in table olive tasting. In March in Sanremo, our commitment will be to find the best Table Olives and the Best Producers to share in the whole world’s markets.